Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Book Review for Discover Your Wings

Written for the City Sun Times in Phoenix, AZ.
The official review on line page 32

The headline: Teen Suicide in Arizona caught my attention and after reading the sobering article, I knew exactly which book I would review this month. There is an anonymous quote on the wall in my store: Why a book? Because a tie never changed anyone’s life. Local author and Certified Life Coach, Angela Dawnell Chase’s Discover Your Wings is one such book.
Chase begins with a story about Natalie, a misunderstood caterpillar in a village called Commonplace. We all know the caterpillar-butterfly connection, but her surprising story layers lesson upon lesson which she then outlines in the workbook portion of the text. Lessons such as how to silence your inner critic, how to deal with outer critics, and how to hear your inner coach or cheerleader.

If you know a young person struggling to find their way in the world, and you don’t know what to say to them to help, give them a copy of Discover Your Wings. Chase’s part fable-part workbook can help both teens and adults work through their fears, frustrations, and failures and realize their confidence to soar.

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