Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do You Want to Shoot Cupid?

Valentines Day is approaching. This thought leaves you with joy and planning, or tears and hiding. It is a great day to express our love and receive love, but what if you don't have someone in your life due to being single or you just experienced a divorce or death?

Valentines Day was always Hell On Earth for me. Remember when the teacher would have you buy a box of cards and give everyone in class a card whether you liked them or not? I didn't have many friends, so I considered these the pity cards or I have to give you one because someone told me to cards. My mom and step-father even quit giving me a card and a box of chocolates somewhere around the age of twelve. I never dated in Jr. High or High School and got to watch all the girls get flowers and cards and candy.

I finally got to participate in the holiday when I met my first husband. For sixteen years I got to receive and give love. I no longer hated the agonizing holiday -- that was until I was divorced and single again. Six weeks after moving to a new city and starting my life over again, I had to deal with Cupid again. I still had the gaping hole in my heart where my love arrow had been recently pulled out.

I remember walking into a store and seeing all those cute bears and happy roses and boxes of chocolate and I started to cry. Then I wanted to tear through it all and scream. I even wondered if I could put a hit out on Cupid. I ended up celebrating my day by driving to work with the radio off, not wearing makeup and crying all day, then ending it with a frozen dinner and going straight to bed.

So now that I have experienced both horror and joy during this time, I am hoping I can help you and help you help those in need of a little love in their lives.

Advice for Singles/Divorced/Widowed:

  • You are loved by the Heavenly Father and by Jesus Christ.
  • Take yourself out to a dinner and a movie.
  • Take another girl-friend out with you to a dinner and a movie and make it a girls night out.
  • Buy yourself some fresh flowers and a box of chocolates. Hey, at least you'll get what you want.
  • Do something meaningful and special for yourself, go to a spa, get your hair done, etc.
  • Go on a trip somewhere
  • Church events

If You're Married and know someone that fits the description above:

  • Buy them friendship flowers and/or a card to let them know they are appreciated and loved.
  • Do something special for them, gift card, spa, etc.

In other words, just because you are getting loved and pampered by your husband or boyfriend, don't forget about that person out there who needs to feel valued.

When I met my new husband and we were dating, I had a roommate who was single and resented Valentines Day as much as I had when I didn't have anyone in my life. She was a crafter, so I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and got her a gift card and a card and told her how much I valued her friendship and for being a great roommate. It brought her to tears. Please be a blessing to someone this year. You never know the difference you will make in someones life.

Be blessed, know you are loved.

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