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Current News for The Confident Butterfly


Common Place is the home to many caterpillars and is ruled by Commander Critic, who prohibits growth and change. One rebellious caterpillar is about to change everything they know. Natalie embarks on a forbidden journey where she embraces her own identity, discovers the truth that has been hidden from her people, and realizes her destiny. She faces many hardships that develop her character, and she must challenge everyone’s long-held beliefs.


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Current News

Three Girl Scout leaders in the Phoenix area will be using The Confident Butterfly in April to teach girls confidence and issue a badge. I am excited to see how this will unfold. My goal is for more Girls Scout leaders, and eventually the Girl Scouts as a whole, to use the story within their programs nationwide to instill confidence. Results? A flying success!

May 11, 2012

Donating one hour of my time to read The Confident Butterfly to the Girl Scouts.
Donating 11 books to a wonderful group of girls who loved the story.
Changing the lives of 11 little girls... PRICELESS.

Girl Scout Troop 2202

March 23rd, I was invited to read The Confident Butterfly to the Girl Scouts to kick off a six week event on confidence. As excited as I was about being asked to read, I had to admit I was nervous. I don't read out loud with elegance, and I wondered, would the younger girls understand the message? I originally wrote the book for adults and teenage girls.

When I finished, they applauded. I could see the messages working in their young minds. Elizabeth, one of the leaders, asked what they learned from the story. Every one of them got the messages. One of the youngest girls said, "I know it's about butterflies and caterpillars, but it can be used for humans because we become the butterfly." I nearly fell off my chair. A girl of about 7 understood perfectly what I was trying to accomplish with the story and the use of the metaphors.

Afterward, they asked me a few questions about the book and then they began their first project. I left
feeling uplifted. When I got home, I read this on my facebook page from Elizabeth:

"When the parents came to pick up the girls, some of them were "flying"around the room flapping their arms saying "I'm a butterfly, I've made my change!" :)
Plus, they thought it was pretty cool to have a famous person read to them."

After six weeks, they received their bug badge for confidence. As a gift back to them, I donated eleven copies of the book and each book was personally autographed with their name and goal/personality.

From Elizabeth on Facebook:

"Oh my gosh, Angela! The girls literally SCREAMED when we showed them the books today! They loved that they got their very own copy that was personalized. They kept asking, "how did she know this about me?!" They were so excited and happy, thank you so much for bringing more happiness into our troop! I have a picture I took of them with their books, for you, if you'd like it. :)"

When I was growing up, I had little confidence. I walked with my head low to avoid eye contact and the sneers from my peers in school. No one believed in my gift of writing. No one believed in me, except two English teachers in Jr. High. My grades were horrible, mainly because I wrote my stories in class to escape.

I made a promise to myself during an assembly in the 9th grade that when I got stronger I would come back and help those who were not able to help themselves or find their voice.

I used to think it was the strong who preyed upon the weak, and I vowed I would never be like them. I would show the strong that you were supposed to protect the weak. As I grew older, I realized it wasn't the strong who picked on the weak, it was the weak trying to make themselves appear strong and confident by tearing down others around them.

It took me twenty-five years to find my strength, my voice and live my promise and dream. I intended this book to be read by mothers who would share this story with their daughters. For the book to be read by girls and teens and grow with the it through every aspect of their lives and as adults. It is an eternal story for all ages.

These girls were touched by the time I spent with them, by the lessons taught by their leaders and by the story, a story of a caterpillar named Natalie who knew she was more than what everyone told her she could become. A story every little girl, teenager and adult can relate to.

If you know of any other Girl Scout Troops who would like to use this book, please let me know.

How different will a child's life become if someone believes in them?

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See reviews from readers:

"The Confident Butterfly" is the delightful tale of Natalie the caterpillar, who knows in her heart that she was destined to be more than what her family and friends have told her she will be. Natalie sets out to discover her true calling in life and in her journey, must overcome her fears to become the beautiful butterfly she was destined to be. Natalie's story is one of hope, courage, growth and transformation and is, in reality, the story of what's possible for us all. ~ Don Ratliff, President/Founder, Yes I Can Project.

"Your book imparts hope and courage. It will uncover life long lies, and it will bring forgiveness as well to those who have hurt people and quenched their potential for whatever reasons. It stirs long forgotten and buried dreams and hopes; it empowers you to try again, believe again, hope again. It opens your perspective and gives you a wider view, clearing up the cloudy areas of thought and belief. It is simply a wonderful, wonderful book! I loved it, I laughed and cried and felt like I was being held by Jesus as I read it. Thank you Angela! I love you!" Vickie Close

YES YES!! Everyone be sure to read it, it is precious, you will laugh and cry and be inspired that no matter where you are or how long you've been there, miracles still happen. It inspires self belief. i loved it!!!!!!!! A must for mom's to read to their children, do no pass this one by!!! I believe this book can break strongholds of the mind. I believe it can retrieve dreams long ago that seemed to slip through your hands and it seems possible to you now. It inspires hope long lost… a must read. (Vickie Close gave a second review that was posted on my husband's FB site.)

"I really enjoyed [The Confident Butterfly]! I think it is a fantastic message. Such a great gift that God has bestowed on you, to help others believe, dream & see that they are worth more than they ever thought and to dream bigger than they ever imagined." Esther Gayfield

"The Confident Butterfly is an inspiring little tale with messages galore. It’s a delightful short read that will leave you smiling and nudge you into taking action to make your own dreams come true. I highly recommend this book to anyone over the age of ten. While younger readers may not catch all the nuances, the book will not fail to encourage them toward achieving their own special destiny." Sherry Porter

"The Confident Butterfly, is a story that encourages self-esteem and finding your own identity no matter what the challenges involved. I found it to be a cute narrative describing a hunger for wholeness of person or in this case, a caterpillar!" Sharon Tabor-Cottet

"Wow, sat down and couldn't quit reading, not just the short story but your book [Making Lemonade - A Spiritual Journey Through Pain and Divorce] also. I had so many inspirations from you short story that I'm going to pray that God will provide you with someone that you will be able to publish this in book form. The e-book is also great, but I envision such a neat little book with that butterfly on the front.... so many audience' is an awesome children's book also." Michele Laib

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