Monday, May 16, 2011

Caribbean Cruise--A Diary--Day Four/Roatan, Honduras

April 14th

Exploring a new country—Central America. Roatan, Honduras was gorgeous. Our ship docked off a beautiful reef, and we were greeted by native dancers and singers.

I want to live in the house with the red roof on the hill.

The beautiful reef.
Today’s exciting adventure: swim with the dolphins. I’m happy to say we did have some time to shop. I found a butterfly shirt.

After piling into an over-crowded van taxi, we were shuttled to St. Anthony’s Key Resort.

St. Anthony’s was as romantic as it was beautiful. Tranquil water surrounded the secluded island housing many cabanas. The only way across to the restaurant and main island was by boat.

Left: Cabanas Right: Dolphin Pen

Close-up of cabanas

We boarded a small dive-boat and headed to the dolphin pen. When we arrived, the dolphins greeted us and were anxious to show us their amazing tricks and give their kisses.

Dolphins greeting us.
I have an issue with getting into cold water—anything below 85 degrees. From the time we planned the vacation, I prayed the water would be warm enough for me to get in. I guess I left out the I hope there’s no cold wind part. It was breezy—a nice breeze if you were walking around, but not so nice when you’re trying to talk yourself into getting in cool water.

The water got to my bare stomach causing me to shiver. Trainer and dolphin awaited us much deeper in. Thankfully, the water warmed up and engaging with the dolphin distracted me a bit.

The dolphin, Mr. French, allowed us to touch his skin, fins and even his teeth. After a brief introductory of dolphin anatomy and many mackerel awards, we got our pictures taken with him. We were even “French” kissed.

Trainer is pointing to a small hole which is his ear.
Most dolphins will not hold a mackerel in their mouths. They're too busy inhaling them.

Posing for the camera was no easy feat. Mr. French was quite heavy, the waves were knocking me around, and my feet were slipping in the sand.

Then Mr. French got to do what dolphins do best, play and show off.

Our sunset for the evening.

Fun dolphin fact: they make their noise through their blow-hole, not their mouths.


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