Thursday, May 5, 2011

Caribbean Vacation -- A Diary -- First Day

April 11 -- First Day on the Ship, Celebrity Equinox.

The first day of exploring a new ship is exhilarating. We got on board around 1:00 and headed up to the food trough known as the Sea View Cafe. The food was good, but the variety was . . . well, strange. Catering to higher-class taste buds.

After eating, we ventured through the ship while waiting for the state room to be ready for us. The first stop on the agenda, go to the specialty restaurants and book our reservations. Remember how I mentioned I saw butterflies every day on our trip? The corridor to the fancy dining was butterfly alley. Beautiful pictures of butterflies lined the walls, each lit by their own light hanging above the frame. I had to smile.

The next compartment to explore was the upper deck with the swimming pool, solarium (indoor pool), and the grassy section. Yes, they had grass on board! Being from Arizona where grass is as foreign as a good Italian restaurant, I was thrilled!

Finally we were cleared to go to our rooms. The first item to be relocated was that stupid, unnecessary coffee table they put in every room. Cruisers, you know what I'm talking about. Due to the closet/bathroom arrangement we were able to put it right by the cabin door and put my makeup and extra towels on it.

Travis began unpacking. His suitcase was sprawled out in the middle of the floor. Attempting to walk around the annoying obstacle that just had to be in the middle of the floor, I slipped on the open top and my foot went under the wooden couch frame. As I attempted to dislodge my foot, I scrapped it and managed to bruise the top of my foot. It hurt like hell and began turning red immediately. Great, first day and I hurt the top of my foot. All I could think about was trying to walk and hike on our excursions and being in pain or not being able to get into my shoes with the swelling.

I sat down and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and began icing it and took 4 Ibuprofen. Our state room attendant came by and saw I injured myself and got me an ice bag. Thanks to my quick thinking, my foot didn't hurt or cause me issues, although the colors were very pretty.

Click on the picture and you can see the foot on the right has red bands on it from the bruising and pattern of my shoe.

Leaving Ft. Lauderdale, we encountered a sunset outside of Miami I call Tangerine Dreams. It was one of many breath-taking sunsets we would see. The buildings of Miami looked surreal, like whitish-gray ghosts from a forgotten city.

Pulling out of dry-dock. My Jedi-Mind-Master outfit.

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