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Holy Tea – A Bowel Story

Part 1 – A History

(Disclaimer--Keep in mind all of my books are professionally edited. Not my blogs.)

There was a time in my life I was extremely jealous of other people. It wasn’t for their status, their things, their wealth—it was because they could go to the potty on a regular basis! You may think this is stupid, trivial, down-right ridiculous even unless you suffer from this annoying ailment yourself.

So many people suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or other equally as fun disorders of the bowel. Nothing is worse than being constantly constipated leaving me able to, if I’m lucky, go to the bathroom once a week. By then, it is usually a painful process of trying to eliminate golf balls or I get so fed up I take a laxative and prepare for the painful cramping and the diarrhea that leaves me feeling exhausted and dehydrated.

Oh, and an extra fun bonus, fiber makes me worse! I could eat salad, fiber cereals and drink water and fiber drinks until the cows came home and it only made it worse. According to my mother’s doctors, water isn’t getting into the intestinal ducts properly to aide the fiber, so I may as well be eating cement.

Yes, there are medications that can be taken—unless you’re my family. In our family what works for others doesn’t work for us and usually things are completely opposite.

Most, if not all, the medications warn to not use if you have ulcers or acid reflux disease. I have both and was unable to take medications. I even got sick on the acid reflux medication prescribed to me. I felt like I had the flu, and it seemed to make my bowels more irritable making me feel like I was going to throw up.

So this leads me to my family history. All the women in my family have this issue. We all have a grab-bag of disorders. God either got bored one day or someone in the family pissed off a gypsy. None of us have the same problems but the one. My grandmother fought The Great Battle of the Bowels to the point she had the opposite problem and developed chronic diarrhea. I thought it was just my grandmother that went through this terrible complication. Then I realized my mother was having the same issues. I saw how sick she was becoming, heard about all the procedures she underwent.

The sad conclusion for my mother, which also translates over to the rest of my family, became Chronic Idiopathic Constipation. In short, “We have no idea what you have and how to fix it, but here is another pill.” My mom, and I’m sure my grandmother, became frustrated with uncaring doctors and their prescription pads scribbled with false hope.

None of these pharmaceutical “miracle” pills worked for my mother. If something did work, it quit after a very short time.

Funny note about prescription medications: they kill the natural flora in your bowels. So you take the medication to eliminate the waste, but at the same time you’re killing the good bacteria in your body that is essential for this process. It only becomes a vicious cycle with no actual healing or cure.

I knew I was in for the same fate since my problems were only getting worse and nothing was helping. There was a time when I actually wished God would end my life before I reached that critical point. My younger sister was showing signs, too.

I HATE medical procedures—in fact, I’d call it a phobia. I have panic attacks around needles and blood. I don’t go to the doctor unless it is my yearly pap exam and that makes me hyperventilate. I haven’t had my blood drawn since I was two. There was no way I could imagine going through all the procedures my mom went through.

Along with not being able to go to the bathroom are weigh-gain, bloating, and painful gassy cramps that leave you crying on the potty. Some days I looked like I was six months pregnant. My lower back hurt from carrying the weight, and I didn’t feel good. My periods were the worst! Painful cramps interfered with my life and sometimes caused me to go home from work.

I also have a condition called Candida, bad yeast, in my body. This gut-full-of-fun gave me bad breath, a funny sour taste in my mouth, and a white-coated tongue. I’m sure it was a contributing factor in the bloating, too. You can imagine what that does for my self-confidence! I got this from constantly being diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis and given prescription medication. It took an OBGYN who knew what they were doing to tell me that I was a carrier and my body would have out-breaks and heal itself and no amount of medication would cure this. It was just a part of me. But the damage had been done. I tried taking a natural supplement, but it made me sick—what a shocker—and it didn’t seem to work.

I’m now 40. I recently went on vacation for 11 nights in the Caribbean. I was constipated 8 days of the cruise. Horrible bloating, cramps and not being able to fit in my clothes put a bit of a damper on my fun and made me self-conscious in my swimsuit.

Shortly before the cruise, my mom was going on about this stuff called Holy Tea. I decided I was going to try it when I got home.

My new chapter begins . . . . May my journey offer others hope.

Part II 

On Wednesday, I finally got my Holy Tea in the mail, quickly opened it and began brewing the magical blend.

So what is Holy Tea?

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: The directions that come with the package suck to say the least. Heat up 1 Quart of water. DO NOT BOIL. Use two tea bags and let sit covered for 4-6 hours. Refrigerate WITH the tea bags.

That night I drank my 8 oz of tea as the directions indicated. It tasted like any other herbal tea, and I felt good. The next day, however, things were not so pleasant. I was going to the bathroom, but my stomach was upset, burning and I and felt warm. By Friday I was miserable.

I was suffering the past few days from:
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Stomachache along with a burning sensation
  • Sore, tight muscles
  • Gassy (Warn your loved ones and pets to steer clear!)
  • Feeling strange and disoriented
I called my mom and she said she didn’t experience any of this. Of course, I’d be the one having all the fun! Not everyone will experience this. It depends on how your body detoxes.

Saturday morning, around 1:00 AM, I was in so much pain. I found the page I mention above. Then I realized why I was experiencing these symptoms. The bad bacteria were dying off and releasing the toxins. It was doing its job. Read more about this on their page.

Thankfully I found this page because I nearly quit!

My Solution

I began with smaller doses of tea only once a day. Although they indicated that too weak of a tea may not give you the desired results, it was working for me. I drank 4 oz of tea diluted to make 8 oz and drank it once a day every other day for a few days. Once my system was geared up for the detox, I began drinking 8 oz at full strength every day.

I am on my second week of the tea, and I will continue blogging the results. So far I'm pleased with the results, but it will be a long journey to complete wellness. I hope this helps you. If you experience unpleasant symptoms, DON'T STOP!

It has been 8 weeks. I drink 8 oz daily. Make sure you drink lots of water/fluids or it will constipate you. I eat before drinking the tea. I don't take the tea at night because for some reason I can't sleep. Not sure why. This is a tea you experiment with to get your desired results. For the first time, I'm able to go to the bathroom every day.

It is now October and my life has really changed. My skin and health has greatly improved. I have started exercising, changing my eating habits and feel incredible. This is an amazing journey to rediscovering my health! In fact my results have been so noticeable, my husband is now drinking the tea.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the world. I've been on the tea since Sunday morning (less than 72 hours/3 days ago). I drank 2oz on it's own undiluted, and come 3pm that day I had a massive soft,watery, bowl movement with pain that symbolized diarrhea, I sipped some more undiluted and had another similar movement 2-3 hours later. Made a dose properly than evening and 1am another big bowl movement, the next morning another big one, this continued on the 2nd day. Today Tuesday I have a small watery bowl movement, didn't drink anytea this morning just in case I had to go while out at work. The bowl movements have slowed down thankfully, fulling bloated ish at present, past 2 days had tight muscles which get sore easily when excerted, tempted to give it up but as doesn't feel right, but thanks to your post I think I will stick with it and hope it turns out ok and I will feel normal again, regards Graham